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The Story of Central MN Freedom Advocates

Motivated by one simple truth. Our freedoms have slowly been stripped from us, while we have been sleeping. We are awake now. We are not going to "go quietly" and allow these injustices to continue. We are awake. We are motivated. and we will fight for our Constitutional Rights.

CMFA was formed out of a frustration and a righteous anger in the situation that we were thrown into by corruption at the highest levels. We played along in the beginning as we learned what Covid was and how to deal with it, but it didn’t take long for many of us to realize it wasn’t what we were being told. Yet we kept being strung along by representatives elected by “we the people” and by entities with enough money and power to insert themself into a position they had no right to be in. When Feb 2022 hit, it wasn’t enough to grumble from the sidelines and be angry at the injustices, it was time to stand up and push back. 


From a local perspective, the kids in MN School District 742 were still being forced to wear masks, even though more than 50% of the parents in that school district expressed the desire to allow masks to be optional. To make the situation even more frustrating, the school districts surrounding 742 were allowing the parents to decide if they wanted their kids to wear masks at school or not. When traveling to schools without a mask mandate, athletes from 742, were forced to wear their mask at the other school for the simple fact that they were from 742. The hypocrisy had gone too far. 


In an attempt to get the school board of 742 to remove the mask mandate in the school, a group of concerned citizens met for the very first time on Feb 10, 2022. Forty people gathered that evening and considered the process of making this change by going after the bond or insurance that the local school board had. The people who met that evening left the meeting with a simple action item to follow, send an email out to the school board clerk to ask for a copy of their insurance, oath and acceptance of office. Many of those 40 people followed through with that assignment. The school board understood what that simple request REALLY meant. Six days later, at the next school board meeting, the masks were removed from the district! However, it was clear that the school board wanted the option to be able to put the masks back on the kids in the future, so it was decided to push this process further. At the same time, we decided to prepare three strong, constitutional patriots to run for the three upcoming school board positions that were going to be on the ballot in Nov 2022. 


In the early days of this work, after the first meeting in which the 40 people showed up, Pastor Mark Johnson of Jubilee Worship Center met with Dr. Jon and Jenny Davis of Family First Chiropractic and discussed the possibility of joining forces to help support the community in pushing back against events that were infringing upon our constitutional freedoms. Not exactly sure what this would look like, but being willing to take a step forward in faith, they decided to name their group Central MN Freedom Advocates and agreed that their mission was to Advocate for the Constitutional Freedoms of those in Central Minnesota. To accomplish this goal, once again following the promptings God had placed on Pastor Mark’s heart, the group decided their process would be as God directed: to UNITE, to EDUCATE and to ACTIVATE. 


During 2022, we started several Task Forces where people were able to plug into areas that were of most interest to them. The first Task Force was the Prayer Force which met once a month to pray for our group, our community, our state and our nation. In the month before the election, the prayer group was meeting weekly. This group also meets weekly during the summer at the flagpole of the different schools in the 742 school district to pray.


Our second Task Force was the Education Task Force which was dedicated to supporting the three school board candidates our community was supporting. This task force walked many parades, held many fundraisers, door knocked in many neighborhoods and attended a LOT of school board meetings! In 2024, there are FOUR school board positions on the ballot. We hope we are able to find four amazing patriots who are willing to run for these positions. 


The third Task Force created was our Election Integrity Task Force. This task force worked to recruit election judges, poll challengers and held training for election judges. Looking forward, this group is preparing to canvas the neighborhoods of the various CMFA members, verifying that the election data that states who voted in the households actually match the realities of the residents. Doing this will open the opportunity to connect with other Patriots. The more we are united, the stronger we are!


The fourth Task Force that was created was the Government Task Force. This group allows us to pay attention to what is going on at varying levels of government and to activate the group when they are needed to show up at different meetings and rallies. Everything from City Council, Township meetings, County Commissioner meetings and even events at the State Capitol are areas where we want and need to be making our presence known. 


The final Task Force that CMFA would love to activate, but is sitting on pause currently, is the Youth Force, a TurningPoint USA chapter for the youth, ages 14-26. The biggest reason we stand up and fight is for the future of our kids and grandkids. But to fight for the kids without educating them and showing them the truth of our world and the dangers that are facing our nation would be a huge disservice to them. They are our future Warriors and they need to know their role and be equipped to lead! We are praying for the right person to step up and lead this group for CMFA!

Do Your Part




Together we are so much stronger. 
Together we will make a bigger impact.
Together we can help so many more people. 

Our goal is to bring together Constitution Loving Patriots across Central MN and unite them so we can make a greater, more profound change to our community.



We can do nothing well, without first understanding the problem. We can not make changes that are necessary if we do not understand the beast that we face. Our focus on Education will bring opportunities to our group to make sure we truly understand what we are facing and how to make the impact that we need to make.



Talk is cheap. We need action.
We begin by uniting in our cause.
Then we spend some time educating.
Finally we ACTIVATE! We move!
We get our forces together and we make the changes that are necessary for our communities, our families and our children!

Find out more about the opportunities available to help out.

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