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The Story of
Central MN Freedom Advocates

Time to STAND UP!

Motivated by one simple truth. Our freedoms have slowly been stripped from us, while we have been sleeping. We are awake now. We are not going to "go quietly" and allow these injustices to continue. We are awake. We are motivated. and we will fight for our Constitutional Rights.


Do Your Part




Together we are so much stronger. 
Together we will make a bigger impact.
Together we can help so many more people. 

Our goal is to bring together Constitution Loving Patriots across Central MN and unite them so we can make a greater, more profound change to our community.



We can do nothing well, without first understanding the problem. We can not make changes that are necessary if we do not understand the beast that we face. Our focus on Education will bring opportunities to our group to make sure we truly understand what we are facing and how to make the impact that we need to make.



Talk is cheap.
We need action.
We begin by uniting in our cause.
Then we spend some time educating.
Finally we ACTIVATE!
We move!
We get our forces together and we make the changes that are necessary for our communities, our families and our children!

Find out more about the opportunities available to help out.

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