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What Does Back to the Basics mean...

We appreciate the support and love from parents who are fed up with the garbage that is sometimes creeping, sometimes flooding, into our schools. We are frustrated with people who cheer that the garbage is coming into the schools. We are frustrated with people who try to challenge these candidates with “what do you mean by ’back to the basics’?” You know EXACTLY what we mean…and we know what you want us to say! But what we mean and what you want us to say are two different things.

What we want:

We want our kids to be able to go to school and learn how to do MATH well!

We want them to learn how to WRITE with excellence!

We want them to learn about SCIENCE…and that science is meant to be challenged and explored!

We want them to learn HISTORY, the good, the bad, the ugly and then look at the current times and see how far we’ve come and areas where we can improve upon!

We want CIVICS/GOVERNMENT brought back to the classroom.

We want HOME EC AND SHOP class again!

What we don’t want are things that cause divide in the classroom. Political agendas and social agendas do not, and have never, belonged in the classroom! Ever! They claim they want unity, but their every action produces the opposite.

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